Becoming a Christian Image Consultant

January 16, 2022

Written By

Tabitha Dumas

Becoming a Christian Image Consultant has been one of the best and most life-transforming decisions I’ve ever made. Have you ever considered if it would be a good fit for you? 

This is something I’m thrilled to promote! You can become a certified Christian Image Consultant or a Color Consultant!

Let me ask you…

Do you love God? Do you also love fashion, style and inspiring women to embrace their beauty, inside AND out?

You might already be working in the beauty industry but you want to broaden your influence.

Or you might be a boutique owner or stylist hoping to help your customers with custom color suggestions.

Maybe you’re blogging or speaking about faith and fashion and want to offer more one-on-one services to your followers and fans.

Or perhaps you’re a woman who never even knew it was possible to have a ministry or business that combines your love of God and your passion for fashion and you’re not sure WHAT you want to do with it.

Christian Image Consultant Tabitha Dumas

Giving an etiquette lesson at a tea party.

Whether you’re looking for a fun new hobby, a side venture to complement what you’re already doing, a ministry or a full-time business, you can become a Certified Christian Image Consultant or a Certified Color Consultant!

I’ve been utilizing Shari’s training since 2010 and have had so many incredible opportunities! My focus has been largely on color but everyone can decide what parts they love most.

Wondering how to make money and/or make a difference? 

Here are the main options:

  • blog, write and utilize social media to promote your products and services
  • hold styling appointments at your home or office (on YOUR schedule)
  • speak and teach at your home or business
  • be the presenter for women’s events and boutiques
  • offer online services, downloads or courses based on the topics you love most
  • teach women about wardrobe, style and color in order to sell clothes, makeup, etc.

Your business can be all online or all in person or, like mine, a mix of both.

Christian Image Consultant Tabitha Dumas

Doing individual Color Analysis for a home party with a cohort in direct sales.

I can tell you that most chambers of commerce do not have a resident image consultant so if you love networking or want to work alongside other professional women, you’ll fit in perfectly!

Here are just some of the things I have done:

Side note: Notice how almost everything above has a clickable link. That’s because I blog about everything I do in order to boost my SEO and gain more website traffic. Don’t worry–you can do as much or as little of that as you want! Read about why I blog about image, style and beauty here.

Helping women focus on their wardrobe goals also led me to start offering vision boards which you can read about here. It’s one of my favorite parts of my business!

Christian Image Consultant Tabitha Dumas

The corner of my prior “Image Studio” where I performed Color Analysis and my ladies could try on wraps, jewelry, etc.

Christian Image Consultant Tabitha Dumas

Holding a color event with my makeup artist cohort at a local women’s boutique.

Tabitha Dumas Phoenix Color Analysis Gilbert, AZ Phoenix Image Consultant

My current set-up in my home color studio.

Someday I’d even like to offer my own training but for now my dear friend and colleague Shari Braendel is training Christian Image Consultants (CICs) and is offering a NEW Color Consultant training as well!

Get information about becoming a Certified Color Consultant by visiting THIS link.

Get information about becoming a Christian Image Consultant (like me) at this link.

PLEASE let Shari know that Tabitha sent ya!

I’m also happy to help you to explore the possibilities and talk more about my experience. Email me at and get the inside scoop on what it means to be a certified Christian Image Consultant or Certified Color Consultant.

I hope you’ll join me on this incredible adventure!

Curious about my journey to becoming a Christian Image Consultant?

Read my story here.

Christian Image Consultant Tabitha Dumas

Speaking to a group of 100+ job seekers on image and confidence when interviewing for a job.

Christian Image Consultant Tabitha Dumas

Modeling for a friend’s direct sales company home party.

Christian Image Consultant Tabitha Dumas

Participating in a promo photo shoot for a local women’s expo.

Christian Image Consultant Tabitha Dumas

Giving mini color analysis for a coach’s symposium.


Christian Image Consultant Tabitha Dumas

Hosting a Pinterest For Business workshop.

Christian Image Consultant Tabitha Dumas


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