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Choosing your word for 2015 (why and how)

Do you have a word for 2015? Here’s the why and how behind

choosing your word for 2015.


What do these words have in common? They’ve all been “my word” for a year. I choose one every year now.


My word for the year was JOY. Choosing your word for 2015 from tabithadumas.com


My word for the year was PEACE. Choosing your word for 2015, why and how. tabithadumas.com


Beloved was my word for the year. Choosing for word for 2015, the why and how on the blog. Tabithadumas.com

Why would you need a word?

Here are a few reasons people choose a word, along with HOW that can help you decide on YOUR word for 2015.

Choose the concept that most appeals to you or try to choose a word that incorporates them all.

1. WHY

You need a positive affirmation for the year.

As the saying goes, “When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” Once you choose a word, you’ll be amazed at how often you see it. People will see it and report back to you. You’ll be on the lookout for it. You’ll talk about it and think about. That almost guarantees that more of it will appear in your life so choose carefully.


Think about what you want to bring more of into your life in 2015.

Do you want more wealth? More connections? More clarity? More growth? Those are all great words!

You might consider not choosing a random or obscure word if you’re the type who’d like to find your word on a mug or T shirt.

2. WHY

You need ONE THING to focus on that you can’t mess up.

Resolutions are notoriously short-lived plus they’re often overwhelming and place undue pressure on us. Choosing one word means you can’t fail.


If you were to create resolutions, what one word would summarize what you’re hoping to achieve? That could be your word. If you’re hoping to get into shape and run a marathon, “strong” might be your word. If you aspire to be more crafty in 2015, perhaps “create” would be an appealing word for you.

3. WHY

You need to know what you’re contributing to the world in 2015.


You want to serve and make a difference. And you know your can’t do it all…so what CAN you do? Bring HOPE to people who are discouraged? Add JOY to other’s lives? Your word will be a reminder of your purpose and the ways you are uniquely gifted to serve. That’s a beautiful thing!

I hope this helps you in choosing your word for 2015…or 2016! 

So! What’s your word?? I’d love to hear about it! Tweet to @tabithadumas or head over to the Facebook page to keep the conversation going.


My word for 2015 was SHINE. To find out how it went, read my post look back at 2015.

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