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Meet your Chandler Gilbert MOPS Coordinator!

I have news! In fall 2019, I’m launching my own MOPS group! I’m calling it Chandler Gilbert MOPS and it will be geared toward entrepreneurial and working moms and will be held in the evening twice every month from September to May. I’m working on finalizing my leadership team as well as our location.

Follow along!

Here’s our Instagram: Chandler Gilbert MOPS on Instagram

And Facebook page: Chandler Gilbert MOPS on Facebook

Here’s where to become a member: Membership. Our group code is ZOKW.

Once we’re up and running I’ll create a private Facebook group where we can share news, personal updates and prayer requests as well.

As the back story, I’ve been a speaker for probably 20 MOPS groups over the years and belonged to MOPS in my early days as a new mom. It’s an incredible organization with fantastic leadership and I love everything they’re about. This years theme is To the Full and the verse happens to be one of my favorites, John 10:10. The focus is on living life TO THE FULL which means finding your people and living your best life.

Get Involved

If you’re local to the Phoenix east valley and want to be involved in any way, I’m looking for not only members but mentor moms and ladies to be on the leadership team PLUS women who love mamas and want to support them by sponsoring giveaways or offering prizes and such. You know me–I want to connect women in the community to new moms and my moms to women in the community. On our off weeks I’m planning to offer all sorts of field trips and fun outings to my favorite local places and events.

For this season, I’m putting all of my proverbial eggs into this basket because I have to limit myself while I have Kate at home. I love all things moms, events, prizes, teaching, speaking, leading, training, faith…and leading a MOPS group checks all the boxes.

Suffice it to say, I’m thrilled to get this going and I welcome any and all help. It’s exciting to see how this will grow and evolve. I hope you’ll join me!

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