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Tab’s Tips for Your Professional Image

{This post first appeared on my FanTABulous Women blog on June 25, 2013} Most of us aren’t required to look 100% professional 24/7. It is inevitable that you will run into a colleague at the grocery store when you are still in your workout clothes or at the home improvement store when you are in your yard work clothes. I…

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Tab’s Tips for prepping for holiday guests

House guests will be arriving here tomorrow night for Thanksgiving and at the moment my to-do list looks like Santa’s gift list. I hope you find my list helpful: Tab’s Tips for prepping for holiday guests My main goals when hosting overnight company?  Pamper my guests with good ol’ Southern hospitality while remaining relaxed enough to enjoy the festivities myself.…

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Tab’s Tips for how to survive a busy month

Oooooh, we’re in the thick of it, baby! Every family seems to have one–The Month of Never-Ending Celebrations. Ours is November. Here’s how to survive a busy month …and actually enjoy it, too! November. My birthday, my mom’s birthday and my oldest son’s birthday, all within a ten-day span. Birthdays for my sister-in-law, brother-in-law and two nephews. My husband’s annual company picnic…

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