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New Year Refresh

Are you in the mood for a new year refresh? For me, it feels like summer ends in Phoenix around mid November then it’s just a quick downhill slide into the new year. Throw in Thanksgiving and the holidays and fall practically disappears. By the time the calendar changes, I’m so ready to be lighter, brighter and more focused. So…

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Create a coffee tea station!

Are you someone who needs to create a coffee tea station? It’s not for everyone, especially if you subscribe to the philosophy of having things pared down and put away. Create a coffee tea station I’m a “use the good china” and “every day is a special occasion” kinda gal so MY philosophy is, if you see it, you use…

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Tab’s Tips for beginner bloggers

When you’ve been asked a dozen times, you think maybe you should write about your advice for beginner bloggers, especially when it’s your ten-year blogging anniversary! So here are Tab’s Tips for beginner bloggers after 10 years of blogging. {I looked it up and my very first post was actually on my “Finding Myself in Graceville” blog on August 31,…

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