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Lose ten pounds in three months just like me!

Yes, my bathroom scale says I have dropped 10 lbs. since the first of the year. Do you need to lose ten pounds? I did it and you can, too! Follow these ten easy steps: 1. Feel sluggish, foggy-headed, occasionally weak and sometimes nervous during most of the preceding holiday season. 2. Find that you can’t squeeze into your favorite skinny…

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Feeling cultured (get out!)

I admit, I don’t get out much. Oh, I “put myself out there” plenty but I don’t get out to try something new very often. When you work for yourself and have little kids, getting OUT is a challenge. But today I was a girl date for my friend Jill and we enjoyed a lovely brunch at a local country…

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Can you let things unfold?

Can you let things unfold? I have two sides of my personality. Side one:: upbeat, outgoing, creative, bubbly, action-oriented and free-spirited. This is why I’m known as a “get ‘er done” type and an “idea person.” Side two:: structured, routine-oriented, analytical, deep-thinking and deliberately slow-moving. This one comes with a danger of getting “stuck in my own head.” This also…

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