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Start journaling (why and how)

You might have heard about people keeping a journal. You may wonder, “What IS ‘journaling?’” Perhaps you’ve considered starting a journal but have no idea where to start. Maybe you see cute journals at the store and think, “What could I do with that??” This recent post from Daypsring made me realize how much I love journaling and how much…

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My Journey

I heart Gilbert, AZ

It’s no secret that I love Gilbert, Arizona. Just how much? I was just voted onto the Gilbert Historical Museum Board of Directors. I’m so excited to serve! I helped revise and edit an article from the Gilbert Daily PRSS called 22 Reasons Gilbert Is One of the Best Places to Live in America. It’s a great read, check it…

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Do you burn your candles?

Burn your candles The year was 1996 and for high school graduation, I bought my best friends gifts that I thought they’d appreciate and enjoy. For one of my dearest friends, I bought a set of Prescriptives candles. There were four different scents in opaque glass jars and you could light one or any combination of two, three or four…

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