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To blog or not to blog–QUIZ!

This came from my “Blogging for Business: Interacting with Your Target Market” class back in November, 2012. Yes, The Question is “To blog or not to blog.” Ready for a quiz? Grab your pencil and paper. Give yourself ONE point for each true statement: 1. I have a blog tab on my website but it’s empty 2. I’ve thought about…

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My Facebook rant

I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook so this is my Facebook rant. It is common for people to say to me, “I love reading your Facebook posts.” Hearing that makes me happy. I am (hopefully) consistent on being positive and upbeat inspiring authentic and uncontroversial. I determined many years ago that my purpose on Facebook was to be a…

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Practical ways to practice asking for help

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or like you’re carrying too heavy a load, I’d like to offer you these¬†practical ways to practice asking for help. First, let’s recap from my previous blog post entitled Why you need to start asking for help. You NEED to start asking for help because… You can’t reach your full potential without help There are people…

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