Elevate Your Image, Tab's Tips

Tab’s Tips for Your Professional Image

{This post first appeared on my FanTABulous Women blog on June 25, 2013} Most of us aren’t required to look 100% professional 24/7. It is inevitable that you will run into a colleague at the grocery store when you are still in your workout clothes or at the home improvement store when you are in your yard work clothes. I…

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Do you have a signature color header
Elevate Your Image

Do you have a signature color?

As a person with any ambition at all, you MUST stand out from the crowd. Successful people are memorable people. Having a signature color makes you unforgettable! Whether you represent a pest control company or are a Realtor, a direct sales rep or a mom with an invention idea, if your goal is to be noticed and remembered, you have…

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