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Leveling up

I actually wrote about this topic almost four years ago at a similar crossroads and the answer was no, I wasn’t ready to take it to the next level. Click over and read it if you’re thinking about leveling up your own business or venture. It’s pretty good! Up until recently, I was interested in simply maximizing the level I…

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Do more of what you love

Do you have capacity to do more of what you love? My plan is for this to be my last official blog post for 2018 because Thanksgiving week is chock full of family, shopping, food and this year, our son’s 13th birthday (gulp). Then I need recovery time plus it’s my birthday on the 29th and I’ll be in Christmas…

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Tab’s Tips for beginner bloggers

When you’ve been asked a dozen times, you think maybe you should write about your advice for beginner bloggers, especially when it’s your ten-year blogging anniversary! So here are Tab’s Tips for beginner bloggers after 10 years of blogging. Newly updated in March 2020 after 13 years of blogging!  {I looked it up and my very first post was actually…

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