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My ten minute busy mom makeup routine

My ten minute busy mom makeup routine using Maskcara and Mary Kay products from Tabitha Dumas Image Consultat featuring Jennifer Hoffman Maskcara and Amy Brines Mary Kay

Call me shallow but when I’m not wearing makeup, I lack my usual confidence. If I run out of the house bare faced, I don’t talk to people as much and I’m not nearly as out going. Granted my “makeup” isn’t just a little swipe of concealer and a little mascara and lip balm. Since I hit puberty and my skin went berserk, I wear NOTHING or I wear foundation, eye makeup, eye liner, mascara, blush and lipstick. Creating a ten minute busy mom makeup routine (as I call it) with Maskcara products has been a God send and I’m not exaggerating.

**I did actually time myself this week when prepping this post and it took me exactly ten minutes!**

As a disclaimer, I am not a rep for this company. My dear friend and cohort Jennifer Hoffman is, however, and does my MakeUpdate appointments with me as well as color and image events.

This is the Maskcara Beauty mission, straight from the website: “If it came down to choosing a beautiful life or a flawless face, our choice would be a beautiful life every time. But wouldn’t it be great if you could have both? We believe makeup should be fun, easy, and quick! Maskcara Beauty was founded on the idea that makeup should be used to enhance the true beauty in a woman’s face, rather than covering it up.” YES!!

Jen is my makeup artist for photo shoots, too, like this one.

My ten minute busy mom makeup routine using Maskcara and Mary Kay products from Tabitha Dumas Image Consultat featuring Jennifer Hoffman Maskcara and Amy Brines Mary Kay

But photo shoots are special occasions and it definitely took longer than ten minute so let’s focus on the way Maskcara products simplify your mom makeup routine!

There are three main things I love about Maskcara makeup:
  • With only THREE shades, I can highlight and contour (they call it HAC, explained below) effortlessly and fill in my brows AND line my lips! And it’s all in one compact!
  • The products allow my skin to show through in person. I’m not going for a perfectly flawless look, I want to look like me, moles and all.
  • You can replace one tin at a time (so there’s no waste, unlike the compacts with colors you only use 20% of)
  • I look amazing in pictures wearing it. It’s like magic. I ENJOY taking selfies because it’s so good. (evidently it’s IIID–that’s awesome technology!)

I never tried any highlighting/contouring in years past because I didn’t know how and didn’t want to spend the time. Now it’s super easy and fast.

HAC explained

The main parts of the HAC are your highlighter, contour, blush, and illuminator (I’m hoping to add illuminator next).  With normal makeup you would start with your foundation which gives your face an all over “flat look”. Then you add concealer, blush + contour and highlighter to bring more coverage, color and depth.

You’re adding layers upon layers of makeup, creating a heavy caked on look. When you HAC, you put on a highlighter, contour, and blush all at the same time…and not over each other. They go in their own spots, and then you blend. That IS the magic.

When I cheated on Maskcara

I’ll admit…I recently purchased drug store foundation and powder “just in case” I was out of my beloved Maskcara products. As previously mentioned, I cannot go without makeup. The color had an orange tint to it even though I bought the “neutral” shade vs. the warm one. It also didn’t look as smooth or glowy in pictures and it felt dry and heavy on. Yuck. Plus I’ve grown to love using their brush instead of my fingers!

My routine

  • Apply moisturizer and primer (currently both Mary Kay, purchase moisturizer here and primer here)
  • Highlight of “white peach” all over my face
  • Contour of “olive” on the top of my forehead, sides of my nose, under my bottom lip, under my cheek bones and under my jaw line
  • Damp beauty blender sponge to blend, I just pat it all over
  • Champagne-colored cream eye shadow as a base (I love Beach Blonde cream shadow by Mary Kay, purchase here)
  • “finn” (a nice brown) and/or “bubba” (reminds me of desert clay) eye shadow
  • Eyeliner (any black or brown will do)
  • “olive” to line my lips if I’m wearing a darker shade
  • Contour of “shadow” to fill in my brows (and sometimes as eyeliner)
  • Brow gel to set
  • Blush (and blend with sponge) This “shy” shade my Mary Kay is a long-time fave, purchase here
  • Mascara (I am hooked on Mary Kay’s Ultimate Mascara in black, purchase here)
  • Lipstick (this Mary Kay Rich Truffle semi-matte looks like a winner for any skin tone, purchase here)

A few notes: the Maskcara colors look dark and/or bright in the tin but they blend beautifully and have buildable coverage. Also, my next step is to find a blush color which many ladies also wear as a lip color so I’m excited to try it!

For all things Mary Kay, I highly recommend my friend Amy Brines. You can find her on Instagram and Facebook and all of the products listed above link to her website so you can 100% trust shopping from her.

As for Maskcara, Jen would be happy to color match you and recommend the perfect makeup capsule for you and create your own busy mom makeup routine whether you’re a mom or not!

Find Jen on…

her Maskcara Beauty website



her Facebook page

her Facebook VIP group


If you are local to Phoenix or planning to visit soon, explore the Color Analysis with MakeUpdate option! Click here for more information.

Contact me or comment if you have any questions!

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