Bring back porching!

June 7, 2017

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Tabitha Dumas

I ran across the term “porching” when searching for “summer porch inspiration” on Pinterest recently.

Bring back porching!

Having spent my first 20 years in northern Florida, I appreciate a good porch. When I was a girl writing stories, the house always had an expansive front porch with wicker rockers, potted hanging ferns and of course a glass of iced tea. The one below is perfect.

Bring back porching! Quaint Victorian Style Veranda

Article from ivillage. Pin source

My favorite place to play as a little girl in the 1980s was the front porch. The front porch swing was often a train and I’d put my babies down to nap in a cradle in the afternoon breeze.

I love these citrus colors with the black and white. 

Bring back porching! Summer porch inspiration from

Porch from the lovely Rhoda at Southern Hospitality

In many parts of the country, sitting on the front porch is a way of life and the best way to keep in touch with neighbors. Very few homes in Arizona have porches although my parents live on a green belt (a large, grassy park-like area mainly designed to catch rain water) with an iron fence so sitting on their back porch observing people, birds and the weather is almost as good as a front porch.

Porching is all about lingering.

It’s eating, sipping a drink, visiting with a friend and taking your time. It’s visiting with a neighbor or watching the world go by.

I put a chair and table on our front “porch” just so I could sit outside and feel like I’m a part of the neighborhood.

Porching–and any sort of non-productive lingering–seems to be a lost art these days.

That’s why I want to bring back porching.

It’s being intentionally slow.

There is no rushing on the porch.

This one is so soothing and neutral.

Bring back porching! Summer porch inspiration from

Source: Kelley Nan

It goes right along with so many other topics that are near and dear to me…

living a tea lifestyle

having a spot

fighting for your life

curbing anxiety

living a fast life


This porch definitely invites lingering!

Do you need some quality time with a friend? Do you yearn for a slow afternoon of reading a book and sipping a tall glass of lemonade? Would you like to get to know your neighbors? Could you use a nice long SIT?

Let’s bring back porching!

I pinned a slew of ideas here:

Porching Pinterest board

Beautiful Home Pinterest board

Can we bring back porching- Slow down, pour a drink and sit a spell.


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