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March 26, 2023

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Tabitha Dumas

I’d love to help you create a brand statement! 

Wondering what it is?? A brand statement quickly identifies who you are, who you serve, the ways in which people work with you and the results they can expect. Refer to it when you’re planning your content, writing a bio, wondering what services to add to your repertoire or working with your web designer.

In helping women in business with their brand colors, head shot style, hosting events, etc., having a brand statement to refer to saves time and keeps things in your business cohesive and memorable.

I’ve been asked for my brand statement over the years, mostly to help with marketing. As female entrepreneurs, it can be hard to articulate how we help people or what we do.

Especially if you are multi-passionate or have a myriad of offerings, a brand statement can help guide every aspect of your business and make sure you attract the right people.

I was stuck on mine until my friend told me about By Regina and I found her blog post with a ten-minute exercise and it gave me the clarity I needed. I can’t find the exercise anywhere online so I re-worked it myself.

If you don’t have a brand statement, I encourage you to develop one, knowing it will grow with you. I recommend using index cards then re-writing it in different configurations until you’re happy with it.

Write down…

1. your title

2. who you love to work with

3. the specific ways you help them or the pathway you provide

4. the results they can expect from working with you

5. your tag-line or catch phrase (optional)

As you can see below, it gave me…

  • a much more effective way to talk about what I do
  • clarity about what I offer and what makes me unique
  • several 30-second commercials and “elevator pitches” ready to go
  • a more clear idea for my opt-in offer
  • added confidence
  • AND…a brand statement!

This is the current version as of March 2023.

“I am a whole-istic Image Consultant partnering with women who are ready to elevate their image and expand their influence. I empower them with simple and customized one-on-one appointments, online resources and local events so they can dress confidently in their best colors and make connections with fellow go-getters. Dress UP to your purpose!” 

My brand Statement 2023 Tabitha Dumas Phoenix Image Consultant

It’s worth putting the time in, even if no one ever sees it. I do encourage you to share yours, though!

I’d love to see it.

I’d be thrilled if you pinned and shared!

My brand Statement 2023 Tabitha Dumas Phoenix Image Consultant


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