How to wear Pantone Classic Blue from Tabitha Dumas Phoenix Image Consultant
Elevate Your Image

How to wear Classic Blue for your Color Code

Every year I look forward to Pantone’s announcement for their Color Of The Year and this year is particularly exciting because blue is one of my most popular Signature Colors to assign! In fact, I often assign “blue” as a Signature Color so my ladies can wear an array of blues to suit their personality and mood. How to wear…

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Follow your heart your heart desires Tabitha Dumas
Faith, My Journey

Desires of your heart

In this post, I’m exploring the idea of following your heart versus tapping into the desires of your heart. When I’m honest, the advice to “follow your heart” has gotten me in trouble in the past. Following my heart has led me to pursue relationships that were not right for me make poor choices for my health so I could…

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