The best me time

August 27, 2018

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Tabitha Dumas

Lately I’ve been thinking about the best me time. At this point, everyone knows about the importance of me time and self care, right? (I wrote about self care here.) “I have to take care of me to take care of others,” “I can’t pour from an empty cup,” etc. etc. (We also know the importance of regular flossing and exercise but that doesn’t mean we attend to it as often as we should, am I right?) None of us need to be convinced that me time is important. In fact, I give myself me moments and even with a (curious, cruising, crawling) baby, I find a moment here and there to savor a cup of tea or apply a face mask. I’m not one of those moms desperate for a break because I run a pretty loose ship to begin with. Nevertheless, I’ve found my me time falling short lately which is what got me onto the concept of

the best me time.

All of us have narrow margins. I’ll tell you mine are due to having two school-age kids (7th and 4th grades) and a baby plus working with my dad, supporting a self-employed husband, co-hosting a Life Group, running Signature Color Style and all my side projects…but we all have our list. Day to day operations in addition to commitments, events and obligations leave me little recovery time. Lunches get packed, laundry gets washed, emails get returned–because I hear about it if they don’t.

What gets neglected are things like putting away all my workshop supplies (they’re stashed in the laundry room), dealing with the leftovers of my former Mary Kay business (does anyone need makeup or skin care at a deep discount? It’s taking up room on my bathroom floor) and hanging up my cast-off clothes (hooray for having a laundry board in the bedroom).

What has to get done gets done. I can only go so long without giving myself a manicure or going grocery shopping. All of us have the things we have to maintain.

But I’ve recently realized that when it’s nine o’ clock at night and the lunches are packed and in the fridge, outfits and backpacks are set out, the next day’s to-do list is updated and I can actually hear myself think, I’m not wishing for a bubble bath or yearning to pick up a good book.

The ‘me time’ I need is time spent connecting with my Creator. And nobody bugs me about it if it doesn’t happen so it’s up to me.

My best me time is time spent with God. -Tabitha Dumas faith blogger

Because all those things that go undone–the stashes, the incomplete projects, the errant clothes, the gifts I haven’t put away…they jeer at me.

You’re messy. 

Or more accurately…

You’re a mess. 

You don’t finish what you start.

You’ll never change your ways.

You can’t event handle what you have, how will you handle more?

Which all boils down to…

You’re not enough.


You’re unlovable.

In fact those messages inundate us constantly and no facial or girl time or even cup of tea can address that.

The best me time is time spent being reminded of WHO He is and how that defines which allows me to address (or ignore) the messes and places I fall short from the perspective of being a Daughter of the Most High. No typical self care can do that.

So the next time I need some me time, instead of opening my me moments box, I’m opening my Bible.

When I’m spinning, overwhelmed or feeling resentful of where I find myself, I’m going to dig into The Word.

Instead of scheduling a coffee date with a friend so I can vent, I’m going to open my journal and do some R&R  (“resting and receiving”) with the Lord.

My best me time is time spent with God. -Tabitha Dumas faith blogger

Me time and self care have their place but the place I need to be is at Jesus’ feet.

I’m challenging myself to take care of myself spiritually as top priority so a little pampering is just a little pampering and not me trying to soothe my soul in a way only God can.

I’m feeling the pull to add more connection with God to my everyday life. If you’d care to join me, reach out! The journey is more fun together.

Redefining self care and me time. Daily time with God is the best kind of self care. Tabitha Dumas

My best me time is time spent with God. -Tabitha Dumas faith blogger





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