Five steps to finding your best colors to wear

June 11, 2020

Written By

Tabitha Dumas

Everyone wants to wear their best colors! There are clothes we never wear–they’re probably the wrong color. There are clothes we pull out again and again–they’re probably the right colors. There are days people ask if we’re feeling OK (“I’m fine. Why?? Do I look sick??”) and days people ask if we just returned from vacation or lost weight. Finding your best colors to wear means you will

  • look refreshed and youthful
  • give a positive first impression
  • feel more confident
  • be less self conscious about your appearance

Finding your best colors to wear also means an END to

  • second guessing whether you’re a spring, summer, fall or winter
  • wondering if your skin tone is warm or cool
  • the old “a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear” dilemma
  • showing up to interviews in “blah” and forgettable colors
  • head shots that look like everyone else and don’t speak to your personality

1. Take advantage of my Phoenix Color Analysis or MakeUpdate.

Check out my Services page for a complete run down.

2. Take pictures of yourself.

Try on various colors then take your picture (close up, in natural light). Look for colors that

:: make your eyes sparkle

:: bring down dark circles or blemishes

:: flatter the tones in your hair

:: perk up your cheeks

:: make your feel good!

You might post them on social media or share them with a few friends. Ask them which colors seem to flatter you best or which ones are most “you.”

3. Revisit your Color Code board.

Find your Color Code’s board on Pinterest. Your “pop” colors and best neutrals are in the description. Or revisit the board you created for your Color Code.

Not sure of your Color Code? Visit here

Here are the board links:







Here’s my post about your best neutrals: best neutrals for your Color Code

4. Determine your best color intensity.

LIGHT Color Code ladies should wear light colors. The deeper your features, the deeper your colors should be.

Compare a LIGHT lady…

Outfits for your Color Code Light Color Code Tabitha Dumas phoenix image consultant phoenix color analysis

with a DEEP lady.

Outfits for your Color Code DEEP Color Code Tabitha Dumas phoenix image consultant phoenix color analysis

If you reversed the above outfits, they would look all wrong and like their clothes are wearing THEM.

I teach women to go directly to their best colors when they’re shopping so LIGHT gals would go right to the lightest shades and DEEP gals would head straight for the deepest ones. 

SOFT gals are all about medium tones to accentuate their medium-tone skin, hair and eyes.

So when you’re looking at colors to wear, especially near your face, look for the colors that look best for your Color Code. Light = light shades. Deep = deep shades. Soft = medium shades. My Clear gals need to look for bright colors. Warm and Cool Color Codes need to go, well, warm or cool…but can do shades of medium intensity. My high contrast Cool gals can do some brighter colors.

5. Remember the (now SEVEN) colors that look good on everyone!

These are no-brainers.  Visit the post HERE.

Have fun playing with your best colors to wear. It really does make a difference in how you look and feel. Reach out to me if you have questions!


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