A piece of my best advice

August 10, 2022

Written By

Tabitha Dumas

It’s been almost ten years and it’s still one of my life mantras. Here is

a piece of my best advice.

It came from one of the dearest women in my life, Sherrian. She was my Mary Kay director and mentor and is also my friend. She believes in me, encourages me to keep growing and once, after saying how proud she was of me, added, “But I could always be prouder.”

She pushes me to live up to my potential and I love that. 

This advice came when I joined the pink sisterhood and became a Mary Kay consultant in November of 2011. She said it to our entire unit as we planned for 2012.

“To have a big business, you must live a big life.”

Let that sink in.

I took that advice to heart and have been building a big life every since. 

Maybe you know me and you’ve thought, “Gosh, she’s busy.”

Maybe you think I’m a little too “out there.”

Maybe you wonder why I blog and why I’m so active on social media.

Maybe you think I self-promote too much. Dress too fancy. Say too much. Do too much.

I’ll tell you why I’m “too much”…I’m living a big life.

I’m like many of you. I want to influence as many people as possible. If my story, my journey, my life…can encourage even one person to walk in their purpose, it’s all worth it.

I feel called to do big things. Whatever big things God has called me to, however small.

Playing small doesn’t serve a purpose. Living a big life gets me closer to my purpose. It’s that simple.

Because here’s the thing…

your “business” is really whatever you were put on this earth to do.

My big life means keeping God first. Networking. Writing what I think will help people. Inspiring women to live their best life. and grow their business. Running my family and my home effectively. Lots of rest, lots of books and a lot of chocolate. 

What is YOUR “business?” What is your big life?

And maybe an even better question…

do you WANT a big life?

Living a big life means being intentional, committed and “out there.”

It also means meeting amazing people, being a part of something that will go on long after you’re gone, and positively impacting the world.

Not everyone is meant to live a big life but if you’re reading this, I’d be willing to bet that you are.

Maybe it’s time to get that big life going. 

Stay tuned for more about how to make it happen…or schedule a strategy session.

Your big life awaits.

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