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Do you behave like a celebrity?

I started to title this “Start acting like a celebrity” but realized, we’re not “acting” like anything. You are a Very Important Person. You are unique, you are loved, you are worthy. We all just have to behave like we believe that.

So do you behave like a celebrity?

How do you carry yourself?

Do you keep your head down? Do you try to take up as little space as possible? Do you attempt to blend in? Are you hiding?

Celebrities walk tall and proud. They know their fans are watching. They don’t shy away from the spotlight. The way they enter a room commands attention. They smile, they wave, they walk with a swagger. They’re always ready for a photo op or an interview.

You are already a celebrity.

You are worthy of attention and acclaim, just because YOU ARE. You are a child of God. A human being made in God’s image. You are dearly loved, highly favored and guaranteed a bright future.

Whether you are a mom, a daughter, an employee, a volunteer, a civil servant, a politician, an entrepreneur…you are a celebrity in your own right. 

So you have every right to walk into a room like your own it.

You are the celebrity endorsement for motherhood, marriage, entrepreneurship or simply humankind.

People look at you and say, “That’s how a ________ behaves and carries herself.”

You should be proud to be seen, not because of how you look or even what you’ve accomplished…but because you are a woman of worth. 

If someone asks you for a quote or asks you to take the microphone–even in a hypothetical way–you should have the confidence to step into the spotlight and own the moment.

Remember, the people around you see you as a celebrity already, whether your spouse, child, mother, neighbor, customer or blog reader. They’re watching you.

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Those people are disappointed when you don’t want to be in the picture, when you apologize for your achievements, when you shrink back from opportunities, when you allow yourself to be passed over.

You are worthy of every opportunity, every advancement, every upgrade. So behave like a celebrity!

Don’t be afraid to sparkle a bit.

Allow your celebrity attitude to guide how you dress, how you walk and how you talk about yourself.

If a dress, a hair cut or a necklace makes you feel like a celebrity…buy it. 

If you have a grand dream or a vision of greatness, behave like it has already come to pass so when your moment to shine comes, you’ll be ready.

Your time to shine is now. 

If you’re thinking, “But that’s easy for celebrities, they all have personal stylists!” then Work With Me and I’ll be yours.

Behave like a celebrity...because you already are one! -tabithadumas.com

Behave like a celebrity. -tabithadumas.com

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