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August 7, 2021

Written By

Tabitha Dumas

It would be easy to say I just “went for” my booth in January and tell people “go for what you want” or “jump into something new and enjoy the process” etc. But it occurred to me today, that would be incredibly misleading.

The truth is, I’ve walked with the Lord since I was eight and seriously since about 15 and have learned to seek His wisdom and direction daily. In the 90s I started a journal to discover the things I’m drawn to and that speak to me (based on the book Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach which I own many copies of and would be happy to share with you). At 18 I took a class to discover my spiritual gifts (helps and hospitality) and have tried to utilize them ever since.

In 2008 my battle with anxiety began. By 2011 we had sold our home, stepped down from our ministry positions and taken a year off to relocate to Chandler so our oldest could start kindergarten. I determined to only pursue the things I was gifted for and that brought me joy.

There have been some missteps and some times I have given too much or tried and failed at a new venture. Every time, I learned and moved on. They call it “failing forward.”

I’ve been so far outside of my comfort zone, I jokingly say I can’t even see it anymore.

I’ve done vision boards every year since 2015 which has helped me keep my dreams in front of me and remember the dreams and visions I hold in my heart as well as what simply lights me up.

In 2016 I finally visited Merchant Square, an antique mall/vintage marketplace in Chandler, AZ. For two years I took all the women in my family there to shop and eat lunch on Black Friday. It became one of my all time favorite places to shop and explore.

At the start of 2021, after missing my one-on-one appointments, my speaking gigs and my workshops due to covid restrictions, I was praying about what to do next.

I needed to have something to promote and something creative to do! “A booth at Merchant Square” flew through my head and before dismissing it I called the manager and–WOW! There was a booth available and it was a fantastic location and the perfect size.

So, yes, I dove in. I took a leap of faith. I “went for it.” It has been an amazing adventure and I have learned so much and have enjoyed working with my booth buddies more than I could have even imagined. Having a space in one of my favorite stores has been a source of incredible joy and it truly does help keep my creative juices flowing and even helped me reconnect with old friends.

But I can’t in good conscience tell you to “go for” something you’ve thought about doing.

Does the venture

  • make good use of your time and energy?
  • utilize your gifts and talents?
  • energize and inspire you?
  • make sense for your season of life?
  • align with God’s purpose for you?

Our best yes checks the above boxes and sometimes, like my booth, we can discern that pretty quickly. But….

when we “go for” things without that foundation, we’re likely to end up frustrated, burned out and maybe even feeling like a failure.

As I work on my Big, Simple Life book, I will walk readers through these exercises. In the meantime, I suggest perusing my Expand Your Influence category to see what strikes you. Click here.

If you’re considering a big leap, maybe schedule a Step Into Your Purpose consult!


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