Shop on purpose! Before you buy any fall clothes, do these five things

October 12, 2014

Written By

Tabitha Dumas

Are you ready to shop on purpose and have a PLAN for what you’re buying this fall? If so, read on! And make sure to download the FREE FALL Shop On Purpose Worksheet.

Shop on purpose!

I want you to show UP to your life and your business beautifully, confidently and authentically.

I DON’T want you to waste time and money shopping for items that are going to end up sitting in your closet all season.

Before we get started…

Find out your Color Code and Discover Your Signature Color right here. When I assign you your Signature Color, you’ll get a link to the board for your specific color AND for your Color Code along with lots of other great information.


Shop on purpose following these five easy steps:

1. Revisit your to remind yourself of your Color Code.

  • your “pop” colors (tops, jackets, scarves)
  • your best neutrals (basics: pants, blazers, blouses)
  • whether to wear white or ivory
  • whether to wear black or brown
  • whether to wear gold or silver

Hint: Unless you are Warm (red-headed) or Cool (silver-headed), you can wear white AND ivory, black AND brown and gold AND silver.

You’ll want to make a note of the fall colors that are your pop colors.

While mustard yellow is a hot color, very few people can wear it close to their face. Also, my Lights don’t belong in the jewel tones that are popular for fall–you need to look for the pastel or heathered versions.

2. Do a wardrobe inventory. Note the pieces you have to work with (make sure they fit and flatter you–yes, you should try them on) and the pieces you need.

You can use this check-list from Shari Braendel’s book “Help Me, Jesus! I Have Nothing to Wear!”

___ 2-3 pairs of slacks

___ 4-5 tops in flattering colors and styles

___ 2 pullover sweaters

___ 1 blazer

___ 1 party dress

___ 1 longer-length skirt to wear with boots

___ winter coat in neutral or pop color

___ 2 winter scarves and coordinating gloves

___ 2-3 patterned or solid-colored pairs of tights

___ flats for everyday wear

___ dressy boots

___ classic pumps or slingbacks

___ 3-4 trendy accessories

___ leather tote or bag

I would also add…

___ poncho

___ denim jacket

___ vest (puffer, utility, etc.)

___ dress jeans

___ casual jeans

3. Make a list of what you’re doing this fall, and the outfits or pieces you need to wear.

Are you traveling to a warmer or colder climate? Maybe you need a heavier or lighter coat.

Are you hosting or attending a party?

Are you speaking or teaching?

Are you having photos done?

Are you attending something that requires specific clothing pieces? Maybe you need a new outfit for the charity golf tournament.

4. Visit your “My Style” Pinterest board to see what fall outfits and pieces speak to you.

I have you do this now because if you just start buying pieces to make the outfits you admire, you may not actually have the occasion to WEAR them without step three first. Or you’ll buy that new coat but it won’t really be your style so you’ll feel lousy wearing it.

You can also search by the pieces you already own for more outfit inspiration. If you already have gray jeans, search “gray jeans outfit” and pin the ones you love. If there’s a color you’re digging, search by that, like “teal outfit.” Doing this will help you look at what you already own with fresh eyes and will help you decide on what you need.

5. Make your shopping list. 

Think in terms of outfits.

Pieces don’t get worn if you don’t know how to put them into outfits.

You love the look of a denim dress, tights and boots–you just need tights.

You’re digging the “jeans, t-shirt and scarf” weekend outfit but you don’t have any quality tees that fit.

You got cute new ankle boots but you’d like a skirt or two for work to wear them with.

Make your list.

MAKE SURE that EVERY piece on your list (and every piece you buy)…

  • is the right color
  • flatters your figure
  • works with what you already have
  • is something you need
  • works for your everyday work and weekend life and/or your upcoming events (in other words, if you don’t know when you’d ever wear it, don’t buy it)
  • suits your style.
Now you’re ready to shop of purpose this fall!

I recommend taking a (kind AND honest) friend along and sticking to your list…while remaining open minded to new possibilities.

Check out my Pinterest board for even more FALL ideas:
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Remember to download the worksheet: FALL Shop On Purpose Worksheet

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