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5 questions to ask before any wardrobe purchase

Shop on purpose by knowing the five questions to ask before any wardrobe purchase.

My goal is to empower women to become savvy shoppers and enjoy getting dressed again.

Scary truth: stores employ a plethora of tactics to try to entice you to purchase, from limited time bonus coupons to clever merchandising tricks. That’s just marketing. It’s up to you to shop with the right mentality so you don’t waste your time and money.

The questions:

1. Will this work with the pieces already in my wardrobe?

This means you have to think about the color, the style and the fit. If all you own are loose pants, a flowy peasant top might not fit in well (as cute as it may be). If it’s a completer piece (like a cardigan or vest), ask yourself if you have items to wear with it.

2. Is the color or colors right for me?

Of course it should work for your Signature Color, meaning it should BE in your color or coordinate with your colors. You can get yours here: Discover Your Signature Color

Along with color, consider the scale and proportion of the print or piece. Read more here.

The contrast level is important, too. Read more: A lesson in contrast

3. Do I have shoes and accessories I can wear with this?

If you’re buying trendy pants, do you also need new shoes to make the look work?

If you wear mostly silver jewelry and black shoes and bags, how will a burnt orange dress fit in? A $50 dress could end up costing you $100.

How many times have you had to buy a necklace or a pair of shoes just to go with one outfit…then never wear it again? That habit gets expensive and hard to manage.

4. Is the cost per wear appropriate?

Cost per wear means dividing the cost of the garment by how many times you’ll wear it. Spending $150 on a fantastic jacket that works for every season is a better investment than a cocktail dress you’ll wear a few times. Investing in pieces you’ll wear a lot is smart. 

5. Do I love it?

I’m a big believer in loving what you wear and feeling good in your clothes. If it’s “meh” or you’re just buying it because it’s on sale, think twice. You know it will just disappear into the abyss of your closet if you don’t LOVE wearing it.

For shopping lists and tons of tips, buy my Love Your Wardrobe! ebook for just $9 as an immediate download. Go here: Love Your Wardrobe!

I hope these questions to ask before any wardrobe purchase will help you shop smarter and build your wardrobe more purposefully! 

Before making any wardrobe purchases, ask yourself these 5 questions. -tabithadumas.com


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