My journey to becoming a certified Christian image consultant

April 2, 2016

Written By

Tabitha Dumas

After toying with this idea for almost six years, here’s

my journey to becoming a certified Christian Image Consultant.

(If you want to skip to the how-tos of becoming a CIC yourself, click here.)

I picked up Shari Braendel‘s book “Help me, Jesus! I Have Nothing to Wear!” (available here Help me Jesus I Have Nothing To Wear book ) sometime in mid 2010. The boys were ages four and one. I was adapting to my postpartum body as well as a new phase of life after Super Mom died.

I was ready to pursue God’s best for me and get a fresh start so a book written about fashion and beauty from a Christian perspective was just what I needed.

Plus my grandmother was a Color Me Beautiful consultant and did color analysis in the 1980s! 

I was immediately captivated by Shari Braendel. I devoured her book and spent hours pouring over her website. I discovered that she trained Christian Image Consultants (CICs) and it piqued my interest.

I blogged all about the book and Shari on my former blog. You can read the post by clicking here.

Using the principles in her book, I gave myself a mini makeover including cutting my hair into a bob (which, as of late 2023, I returned to). In recalling a time I felt beautiful while wearing a purple sheath dress at age 19, I purchased a similar one to wear to a charity fundraiser.

I also purchased everyday clothes in the right colors and styles.

Of course I told Shari all about my progress!! Soon after, she featured me on her blog.

You can still read it by clicking here.

What strikes me now is my answer to the question, “Did this book affect you spiritually? If so, how?”

I said…

I realized that I have always liked to feel pretty and dress up and God made me that way so why deny my desire to look great??

Why, indeed. We’ll come back to that.

Fast forward to the fall of 2012. I was still a big fan of Shari’s and consulted her book frequently for my Mary Kay business. Her book inspired me to start doing color analysis, which is still one of my favorite things to do!

One a whim, I decided to check her website to see if she’d be coming to Phoenix. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that she’d be speaking at ASU mere weeks later at a Sun Devils Wear Prada event! I bought tickets for myself and my mom, messaged Shari on Facebook to tell her we’d be there and off we went.

It was a thrill to see Shari in action. She is a funny, dynamic and relatable speaker with a big heart and a sparkling personality. She actually pointed me out during her presentation AND called my mom on stage to represent the COOL Color Code!

It did cross my mind during her time on stage…”I could see myself doing that.”

I was beside myself when she came out afterward to meet me and sign my copy of her book!

I was star struck. She was gracious and kind (and even more beautiful in person!) and as I hugged her, she whispered, “Have you considered becoming a CIC??”

Um…yeah. I’d considered it.

I saw Shari again (along with her friend and cohort, Donna, of Faithfully Fashionable–a phenomenal woman) in October of 2013 for a planning meeting–and discovered that I am a DEEP Dominant Color Category, not a CLEAR like I’d diagnosed myself as. They really are pros.

When I thought I was a Clear Color Code! (I am actually a Deep)

In the years since, I’ve considered the CIC opportunity every time she’s held a CIC training. And every time, something prevented me.

I dreamed of the day when Shari would offer an online version for becoming a Certified Christian Image Consultant…and that day finally arrived.

If you’ve been following along, you know I love to dabble and explore. I’ve called myself by many titles over the years.

But as I stated earlier…I have always liked to feel pretty and dress up and God made me that way so why deny my desire to look great??

And why deny my desire to help OTHER WOMEN feel great, too, and pursue their purpose with confidence?

It’s time for me. Shari knows it’s time (she called me this week to reaffirm what I’d already been thinking).

I don’t know exactly what it will look like for my business but I know this is what’s next for me. God is opening doors and giving me confirmations and I’m ready to dive in.

I’ll always be a writer, blogger and speaker…but now I’m also an official certified Christian Image Consultant–something I’ve wanted for a long time. I’m thrilled to be on this journey with you!


If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a CIC or about training with me to do Color Analysis, schedule a phone call so we can discuss the possibilities. Text 602.349.1129 or email Read more about the current offerings here.


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