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August 12, 2014

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Tabitha Dumas

It’s back to school time again! Whether you’re keeping them home for online learning, home schooling for the first time or sending them for in-person instruction–or a combination of those–it’s time to get ready. This post is all about 

back to school for moms!

Forget about new backpacks and shoes for the kids, did you treat yourself to any back-to-school supplies? Are YOU ready for a new school year?

Download your checklist here: Back to School check list from TabithaDumas

My boys are entering 4th and 1st grades 11th and 8th grades (I keep reminding myself). It’s time again for lunches, homework, paperwork and morning/evening routines again. I’ve got my lists going for them (hair cuts, water bottles, their own personal combs and hair gel) but most importantly, I’m thinking about ME. 

This year, our oldest is doing choir at his school then his other subjects via online school. Our 8th grader is doing home school with me. Kate is pre-K.

Here are a few tools I assembled to help ME prepare!

The idea is to keep things running smoothly and to set yourself up for a wonderful school year. For yourself AND the kids!

1. Plan your meals.

Pull out your favorite cookbooks (or your Pinterest board), grab a shopping list and map out your meals for the week.

I keep ours super-simple. We do one night each of

  • tacos
  • soup
  • pasta
  • pizza
  • chicken or fish + veggies
  • leftovers
  • out (which often means a trip to the grocery store deli, or a night at Nana’s house–the point is, I don’t cook)

Mine have to be quick, easy, and kid-friendly (and when I say kid, I mean picky-eater-kid).

2. Get new office supplies.

Why should the kids be the only ones who get fresh folders, markers and composition books?? Get some cute folders for filing all of the papers that will soon be coming in from school and treat yourself to some pretty pens and highlighters. Have a day planner handy, too, for writing down PTA meeting times and coffee dates.

Remember to schedule in the things you need for your own well being.

3. Use beauty time-savers.

Every woman needs an everyday makeup look accessible to grab even if they only have five minutes to spend on their face in the morning. All you need is one or two neutral eye colors, a soft blush, mascara and gloss. My busy mom makeup routine (which can easily be pared down if you like a less glamorous look) can be found here.

I highly recommend a simple daily skincare routine as well. Talk to your favorite direct sales rep. Shop small and support a small business when you can!

4. Designate a “mom zone,” home management zone or family command center.

This is the place to keep paperwork, calendars, to-do lists and things like greeting cards, wrapping supplies and bills all in one spot that is yours alone. I also have an in-box where the boys place permission slips to be signed or invitations to birthday parties.

I am spoiled—I have a studio/office/craft room all to myself but you can use a small desk, a corner of your laundry room or even a closet.

5. Designate a homework zone for the kids.

This  was on a wall in our family room using IKEA desks and an IKEA KALLAX bookcase. All of their supplies are here and they’re in the hub of the house so we can help them, and keep an eye on them when they’re on the computer.

Homework zone mom command center do what you can with what you have where you are Tabitha Dumas

Homework zone mom command center do what you can with what you have where you are Tabitha Dumas

5. Take a moment to tweak your inspiration board, too, so that the things that inspire you or make you smile are where you can see them regularly.

6. Work on your desk.

If you work from home, you may want to reorganize your desk or set up new filing systems–whatever it takes to be efficient and productive.

If you’re a home school mom, now is the time to get your desk and teaching area(s) ready.

There are some fun ideas for work-at-home and home school moms on my back-to-school Pinterest board:

Follow Tabitha Dumas’s board Motherhood:: back to school on Pinterest.

7. Books!

You can’t go back to school without books!

I’d love to know your favorites.

You may also need a new tote bag to carry your books in or maybe a pretty new purse for fall. You get a backpack for the kids, why not treat yourself?? 

8. Update your wardrobe.

Maybe you need to declutter or reorganize your closet.

Declutter your wardrobe

Organize your wardrobe

Now is the time to make getting dressed as efficient and simple as possible. Find out whether you need to Jazz up or simplify your wardrobe with this quiz.

Have some fun before the race to Winter Break begins and set yourself up for a wonderful new school year.

Be sure to read my other blog post: Hey mama…going back to school doesn’t have to be a Pinterest-worthy experience.


Back to School check list from TabithaDumas

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Back to school tips for moms!

Back to School for Moms! Back to school tips to start your year off right from Tabitha Dumas image consultant


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