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Tab’s Tips for how to survive a busy month

Oooooh, we’re in the thick of it, baby! Every family seems to have one–The Month of Never-Ending Celebrations. Ours is November. Here’s how to survive a busy month …and actually enjoy it, too! November. My birthday, my mom’s birthday and my oldest son’s birthday, all within a ten-day span. Birthdays for my sister-in-law, brother-in-law and two nephews. My husband’s annual company picnic…

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Shop Hop event on Small Business Saturday

My love of small businesses began in 1998 when I was exploring downtown Gilbert, Arizona and stumbled into “Ink It!” a paper crafts and rubber stamps store owned by a lovely and talented mother/daughter team. The store was inspiring, beautiful and a crafter’s paradise. Not long after, I managed two different Hallmark stores for three years, seeing the joys and frustrations…

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Expand Your Influence

Practical ways to practice asking for help

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or like you’re carrying too heavy a load, I’d like to offer you these practical ways to practice asking for help. First, let’s recap from my previous blog post entitled Why you need to start asking for help. You NEED to start asking for help because… You can’t reach your full potential without help There are people…

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Elevate Your Image

Do you have a signature color?

As a person with any ambition at all, you MUST stand out from the crowd. Successful people are memorable people. Having a signature color makes you unforgettable! Whether you represent a pest control company or are a Realtor, a direct sales rep or a mom with an invention idea, if your goal is to be noticed and remembered, you have…

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Why you need to start asking for help

I bet you are a very competent, hard-working, do-it-yourself kind of person. I bet you’re a person who gets things done, has a hard time delegating tasks and embraces the “If I need something done right, I’ll do it myself” philosophy. I’d also bet that sometimes you feel overwhelmed, stretched too thin and downright exhausted from trying to maintain it…

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