Christmas outfit from Amazon plaid leggings and black dress Tabitha Dumas Phoenix image consultant
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My Christmas outfit from Amazon

While getting dressed today for a holiday event I realized my leggings and dress had both came from Amazon so I thought I’d share my Christmas outfit from Amazon to provide the links for anyone interested. This is not an affiliate post nor sponsored…just me sharing what works! With a toddler and two busy boys and all the holiday craziness,…

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What to do on the day after Christmas. Do whatever you want day! Tabitha Dumas blogger
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The day after Christmas: Do Whatever You Want Day

The Do Whatever You Want Day tradition on the day after Christmas started on a year when we were particularly stressed after pulling off the magical feat of Christmas Day with little kids and extended family. I don’t know about you but one of my best night’s of sleep all year is on the night of December 25th when my…

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NEW! The seven colors that look good on everyone! color expert and image consultant
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The Seven Colors That Look Good on Everyone from Tabitha Dumas Phoenix Image Consultant

The Five Colors That Look Good on Everyone has been one of my all-time most popular posts…but I kept adding colors as I worked with more women and now it’s up to SEVEN! It is incredibly challenging to find pictures of women wearing solid colors LET ALONE the right color and especially who aren’t white, blonde and 20-something. I have…

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