Are you making this makeup mistake? (and how a robe can fix it)

July 3, 2014

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Tabitha Dumas

Do you want to know how this robe would help you fix your biggest makeup mistake? Keep reading.

how a robe can fix your two biggest makeup mistakes elevate your image

My new robe–PJ Couture

I bought the above robe on clearance from Bealls Outlet for less than $12 today after searching for a summer robe for months now. I live in Phoenix and I’m a messy person so I put on my clothes last as part of my “getting dressed” routine. Having two young sons and a lot of windows in my house, I have to wear a robe as I go about my morning until I’m ready to truly get dressed for the day.

Besides the modesty factor, you’re about to find out why I wanted a bright pink summer robe.

It all starts with a very common MAKEUP MISTAKE:

makeup that is applied too lightly.

Seems kind of simple and obvious doesn’t it?

But I can tell you that when I do MakeUpdates, one of the main things I encourage the women to do–IF they want to “get noticed and become unforgettable,” of course–is darken up their makeup.

how a robe can fix this common makeup mistake, on

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Most women tend to gravitate toward their best shades, or neutral shades that work on most people, anyway. The problem is that they just apply it too lightly. It may be out of fear of looking “overdone” or like a clown or maybe even just because they don’t want to look like they’re trying too hard.

I say go ahead and look like you tried.

Unless you are actually going for a “no makeup look,” you probably want to accentuate your best features with your everyday makeup look.

Add an extra swipe of eye color or dusting of blush. Do a second coat of mascara. Try out a more saturated lip color–especially if you’re one of ladies who is hooked on clear lip balm.


Wearing a robe in one of your “pop colors” when you’re doing your makeup means you won’t end up looking washed out once you put your clothes on for the day.

If your robe is a color you look vibrant and youthful in, you can do your makeup while wearing it, knowing the end result will be lovely and flattering.

No more makeup mistake!

How a robe can help you overcome this common makeup mistake. Image and Influence Strategist

A LIGHT DCC in a pretty sapphire-blue robe.

Not sure of your best colors? Discover Your Signature Color.

BONUS TIP: Check yourself in the mirror from at least three feet away to see yourself as others see you.

Most women put their makeup on in the mirror like this and there’s a problem.

Two Tips to overcome this makeup mistake, elevate your image

Unless someone is standing as close to you as you stand to your mirror when you put your makeup on in the morning, your features are going to disappear if you don’t darken your makeup a little.

This is especially important if you spend any parts of your day speaking to groups of people who are down a conference table or across the room from you.

So, to look your best every day…

  • wear a robe in your pop color to put your makeup on and
  • step back from the mirror to get a good look.
Your features will start standing out more–and so will you.

Check out my makeup Pinterest board for more ideas.

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Do you wear a robe when you put your makeup on? Do you need to darken your makeup? Let us know on the Facebook page.

If you need a color update, work with me! 


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