Adopting a uniform

March 13, 2019

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Tabitha Dumas

Have you ever thought it would be wildly freeing to be required to wear a uniform to work? Have you ever realized there’s a favorite outfit you love to wear and, gosh, you could wear it every day and not mind?? Have you ever admired someone who wears the same outfit formula day after day and wondered if you could do the same? Maybe it’s time to consider adopting a uniform!

Wearing a uniform can focus and streamline your wardrobe and take the stress out of getting dressed.

If you like to be a creature of habit and wish for a simpler wardrobe, it’s worth looking at.

The best part is, it can really help you shop less and buy more because you can determine your key pieces and the exact shoes and accessories that complement it. Lots of women crave fewer options and adopting a uniform means way less guesswork. The most common feedback I receive from my Discover Your Signature Color clients is, “Thank you for determining my wardrobe color palette! It makes shopping so much easier!”

A uniform means fewer pieces which means you can invest in ones of higher quality. And you know exactly what you need when you shop!

For example, my uniform would be skinny jeans, a loose top and a colorful necklace or headband. My pants are denim, black and white (no prints) and my tops are all loose and colorful. The other item I like to add to my uniform is a kimono or cute cardigan. These are usually printed as well so I do have a few solid basics like a cream tank and a black tee. Without this uniform, I’d be buying a bunch of loose bottoms which would necessitate fitted tops. That’s when we end up with huge wardrobes and way too many options.

You can see my style on my Pinterest board where I pin what I wear: My Style

I checked Pinterest and asked my Insiders Group and here a few possible uniforms:

  • A short dress and leggings
  • Vintage tees, jeans and a blazer
  • A fitted top and a long skirt
  • A button-up blouse, dress pants and a vintage scarf
  • Athleisure leggings and a baggy tee
  • White pants and a colorful top
  • Jeans and a black tee
  • Animal print + black + a pop color
  • Pants, turtleneck, colorful blazer
  • Denim and a white blouse

A Realtor friend said she typically wears her logo shirt and jeans. If that’s your look, I just suggest making sure your hair, makeup, shoes and jewelry are on point. 

I’d love to know what your uniform would be!

Here’s one I love: a white blouse and jeans. These pieces are from Judy Wear Boutique in Chandler, AZ. Check her website to shop!

Adopting a uniform. Simplify your wardrobe! Tabitha Dumas Phoenix image consultant white blouse and jeans

Adopting a uniform. Simplify your wardrobe! Tabitha Dumas Phoenix image consultant white blouse and jeans


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