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April 23, 2023

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Tabitha Dumas

If we know each other in real life, you know my husband, Drew, and I make a pretty great team. He has worked hard for over 17 years so I could stay home with the kids and work my various “side gigs.” He’s been self employed as a Realtor since late 2016 then started his own brokerage in 2022. He has currently flipped five houses and is hoping to add an agent or two to his team this spring.

October 2022

It’s hard for us to believe but in July we’ll have a high school senior, a high school freshman and a kindergartener!

Over the years we’ve teamed up to host a networking group, put on events, and support local ministries, non-profits and small businesses. As our own businesses have evolved, we have realized the importance of being a strong family unit and working together toward some pretty big dreams we feel God has laid upon our hearts.

Recently I’ve been feeling the pull toward focusing more on faith, family, home and connection (thus my word “connect” for 2023).

Marketing and growing a business + networking + serving the community is a huge undertaking and for now I’m going to focus on OUR business rather than just mine. There are plenty of years in the future when I can grow my own offerings and influence but for now, it’s all about US.

The umbrella for that is Abundant Life AZ. We have a website and blog and will have events and community connections and so much more.

Our focus is on real-life connections and supporting local businesses and we’re always looking for more cohorts. We’ll also be offering events, gathering and masterminds. Of course Drew is available any time to talk about real estate, house flipping and all things ministry and small business. We’d love the opportunity to introduce you to our large networks of amazing people, host you and/or your family at our home in Gilbert or simply pray with you. Our passion is face-to-face connection and hands-on support.

I’ll be sharing more of our story and our day-to-day life.

Many of my endeavors will be focused on supporting our inner circle and the people we network with in the Phoenix valley. We’d love to be in cahoots with you!

Check out the website at AbundantLifeAZ.com here.

We also have

  • an Instagram account here
  • a Pinterest board here
  • the Facebook page here

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