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I’m so glad you found me!

I know we’re going to like each other. My big goal is to be with you in real life. I’m kind. I’m funny. I’m wacky. I’ll greet you with a smile and a water and send you on your way with snacks and goodies. In our time together, the focus is all about you (finally, right??) and your journey to a more colorful, purposeful, beauty-full life.

Gilbert, AZ is my heart’s home and I’ve been in the Phoenix valley since 1998. I’m a 40-something, van-driving mom, and most days I’m buzzing around the house, grocery shopping, home schooling our daughter and fitting in work in the fringe hours. With a Realtor/broker/house flipper hubby and three kids at home (plus two rescued sister pups!), my days are full. My time is limited and I know yours is, too.

Having walked through anxiety and burn-out years ago, my focus these days is keeping my business simple and FUN. Faith and family come first in my life, and I try to be as accessible and authentic as possible while honoring my current season. My emails and social media posts are meant to be inspiring and positive and a way for my “outgoing introvert” self to stay in touch with you (like when I’m posting at 11pm in my pajamas).

My Story

At the age of 31, I was living the dream in the Phoenix suburbs. After being born and raised a pastor’s daughter in northern Florida then getting a fresh start in Arizona at age 20, I’d gone on to earn my teaching degree and was married with a toddler son. Besides serving in multiple capacities at church, I was a consultant for a direct sales company, crafting items for my Etsy shop, managing a moms’ group and running a blog. That’s when an early miscarriage ignited an anxiety battle, and I found myself questioning my identity, my purpose and ultimately my faith.

Even after our redemption baby came home from the hospital a year after the miscarriage, I knew I needed time to recover and regroup. so our family took a year off to move and simplify. During that time I discovered and soon met Shari Braendel who is now a dear friend and mentor and who trained me as a Christian Image Consultant. As I began building my life back and becoming the wife and mom God created me to be, I rediscovered my love of color and shopping. While working on overcoming people pleasing and perfectionism, I began chasing beauty and exploring my purpose which I discovered was simply to help other women live their purpose. In the 13 years since, I’ve worked with hundreds of women all over the world to help them not only wear their best colors and dress for joy, but also serve strategically and pursue what I call “purpose without the busyness.”

More About Tab

I love treasure hunting (whether in the Bible, at a thrift store or in your closet), baking (bread and brownies are my specialties), homemaking, hosting events, supporting small businesses and ignoring voice mails.

When I have a free afternoon, you’ll probably find me sitting on the back porch with a drink, flipping through magazines, texting with friends and wrangling our two sister puppies.

In case you’re wondering, I’m also an INFJ, Enneagram 2 (the Helper) wing 1 (Companion, Servant), ambivert (I am energized by people but need a lot of alone time), Sagittarius, and almost dead center on being left brained and right brained.

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My purpose is helping women live their purpose.

Read about these confidence boosts!

Tabitha is a fantastic Image Consultant! She helped me with my signature color, to clean out my closet and did a Style Party for me and my friends which was so much fun, and informative. She has great advice on color, style and all thing clothes and accessories! -Ginnie R., Chandler, AZ

“After our session, I went shopping for the first time in months and couldn’t believe how much easier it was armed with what you showed me about my best colors, my style and my perfect fit. Plus I was able to shop by outfit and add accessories knowing it would work for me and my life. I actually had fun and couldn’t wait to go home and play in my closet!” –Angie K., Mesa AZ

“I spent all weekend pouring over the information you gave me and cleaning out my closet according to my new wardrobe color palette. I love all the colors in my closet now and I’m excited to use my shopping list to get the items I still need. I look forward to getting dressed again.” –Kelly F., Phoenix, AZ

“Girl, it’s like you got into my head and brought my dream wardrobe to life! I’d never thought about ‘dressing for the life you want’ but your process made me take a good look at myself and realize I needed a refresh. You saw my potential and helped me see myself in a new light. I love all the colors and prints you suggested and my outfits actually feel like ‘me’ again. Thank you, Tab!” –Melanie, Melbourne Australia 

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My Bio

Tabitha is a 40-something wife of 20+ years and mama to a sweet little girl and two strapping teenage guys.

She loves God, family, home, community and promoting other women.

She has a bachelor’s degree in education with a minor in English and a certificate in Bible and a background in retail, administration, ministry, small business and marketing. She also has a long history in direct sales and networking.

Tab meets people right where they are and helps them see themselves at their greatest potential. If you’re ready to elevate your image and live more purposefully, she’s ready to partner with you!