5 things you’ll gain from Keeping Tabs On It

September 8, 2015

Written By

Tabitha Dumas

A client recently said to me, “Just knowing you’re in my corner makes me feel better.” She experienced that deep sigh of relief when someone comes alongside you, willing to see you to your destination. Here are the other

five things you’ll gain from Keeping Tabs On It.

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1. Hope.

You have a goal or a deadline but no plan. You have an idea percolating in the back of your mind but that’s as far as it gets. It’s something you know needs to be done but every day, you grow more use to the idea of “this might never happen.”

The simple act of hiring me tells your brain, “I’m making progress,” and “I’m committed to this.” That’s powerful!

Together we will revive your vision, solidify your big why and get you fired up.

No more feeling stuck. No more “somedays.”

I will get you moving again. 

[tweetthis]One of the most powerful gifts I offer my clients is hope. [/tweetthis]

But sometimes hope needs wings, so I also offer you…

2. Movement.

To move on a big project, you might need a little shove.

Let me shove you. 

In a kind and supportive way, of course. 

Working together, we create reasonable action steps WITH deadlines.

The action steps build momentum and naturally flow from one to the next and are customized to your needs and personality. The deadlines keep you on track.

Think of it like I’m writing a prescription for your success. All you have to do is go fill the prescription.

But you’re not alone! Because you also get…

3. Accountability.

Your friends might ask you how it’s going with your business or project. You probably already have a few cohorts who cheer you on and offer feedback and advice.

But do you have someone tracking and CELEBRATING your progress? 

Is there someone you can call when you’re frustrated or weary, that you can talk to confidentially? Do you have a person who tells you the truth, even if it’s not what you want to hear?

Keeping Tabs On It means I am both your coach and your cheerleader.

Sometimes we’ll be in the huddle, planning your next play…and other times I’m supporting you behind the scenes and chanting your name just loud enough that only you can hear it. 

And when you experience a big win? We’ll celebrate before moving on to the next goal.

Then all of the above leads right to…

4. Confidence.

I’m a pro at helping people “put themselves out there.”

My job is to help you get noticed and become unforgettable. 

Whatever you’re dreaming of, I’ll make sure you feel like a super star with every step (yes, even if you’re an introvert).

When we put together all of the above, you’ll feel successful and your confidence will soar.

But wait! There’s more!

5. Hands-on assistance.

If your message needs an update, I am your editor.

If you need a new outfit for a speaking gig, I’ll help you put it together.

If you need a connection or resource, I won’t rest until I get you what you need.

Keeping Tabs On It means exclusive access to my brain, my expertise, my attention and my vast network of resources. 

I am so excited to work with you. I hope you’ll get started soon.

Visit my Work With Me page to schedule your Strategy Tea for one or two hours.

Keeping Tabs On It gives you personalized vision, strategy, action steps and accountability for your most important endeavors. From Tabthadumas.com


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