5 fun things to do to boost your business this summer

May 12, 2015

Written By

Tabitha Dumas

Boost your business this summer

Don’t take summer off!

Even if you take a vacation or unplug for a while, you can still do a few simple things to keep your business growing. Plus the activities you participate in now will catapult you into the fall and help you finish your year strong. So here are my

5 fun things to do to boost your business this summer:

1. Create or send an email newsletter.

What’s that? You don’t have much of an email list? You haven’t sent out an email newsletter in months? Don’t let that stop you!

The only way you’ll grow your list and get into the habit of sending emails regularly is by DOING IT.

Even if it’s just “Hello, happy summer, remember me??” it will be good practice and could lead to a new connection or sale. 

By the way, I use and recommend Mail Chimp.

2. Blog.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…blogging is powerful!

Write and publish a few blog posts or even plan out your post topics for the next few weeks or months. Start gathering topics, links and graphics. Write some rough drafts. Ask someone to be a guest blogger on your site.

Looking to start a new blog?

My friend Andrea from Modern Biz Chicks and I have teamed up to offer you a sweet deal of a simple blog design + content strategy and branding help for just $197. Ask me for details!

3. Host a workshop, class or event.

Teach something you enjoy, host a round table discussion with some of your favorite cohorts or put together a “lunch and learn” where everyone brings their lunch and you work while you eat.

BE the expert, or bring in someone that you know will add value to your clients or customers. Or if you need a teacher or facilitator, talk to ME!

4. Host a party!

Simple appetizers and a “signature drink” are all you need for a delightful summer soiree (bruschetta and sangria anyone?). How will a party help your business, you ask?

Remember, people do business with you because they like you…and people like you more when you host fun parties.

It’s nice for your people to see you outside of your usual work environment. Plus it’s a great chance to introduce some of your friends and colleagues to each other. When I host events, one of my favorite things to do is just sit back and watch my people connect!

My Signature Event is the potluck tea party! If YOU need a Signature Event, click here.

Get more ideas on my Event Ideas Pinterest board:

Follow TabithaDumas.com’s board Inspiration:: event ideas on Pinterest.

5. Volunteer.

Summer is  great time to help out with a local charity, collect food for a food bank or donate your time to a cause you care about.

Summer often means less volunteers are available so your help will be especially appreciated. As an Image & Influence Strategist, I’ll remind you to let people know about what you’re doing–everyone loves a giver, and your volunteering might encourage someone else to get out there and make a difference, too.

What are YOUR plans? Tweet to @tabithadumas or tell us on the Facebook page.

Five ways to boost your business this summer. TABITHADUMAS.COM image consultant


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