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Eleven 3-tier cart ideas to keep you organized

I have wanted a 3-tier rolling cart for years, since IKEA offered an aqua one and I saw all the ways people used them plastered all over Pinterest! I missed out, though, then almost got a mint green one…then I saw a TURQUOISE at Michael’s and finally pulled the trigger! These are just eleven 3-tier cart ideas in hopes that it gives you a storage solution to something that’s been bugging you.

{The pictures are mine or I tried my best to find the source, linked below each image.}

As a huge fan of living simply and clutter free, keeping things all in one place has been life changing and these carts help with that!

What makes these carts so functional is that they’re portable. You can take it where you’re going to work, and tuck it away when not in use. They’re slim enough to fit into a corner or closet.

To follow my home organizing Pinterest board, go here: Stylish Home Organizing

The first is probably the most obvious and most common. Use it for arts and crafts supplies! I love that it keeps everything organized but is so enticing because you can SEE it! You can even keep a different category in each basket. Everything fits and stacks so nicely in almost any container. 

3-tier cart ideas arts and craft supplies Tabitha Dumas

The second is why they’re so popular for back to school…use one in the classroom! Great for learning centers or as a rolling library, they’re super handy when you need portable storage.

3-tier cart for the classroom Tabitha dumas
Ms. Yeatts on Instagram

3-tier cart for the classroom Tabitha dumas

The third is super fun and that’s for beverage cart whether for a party or specifically for coffee, tea or alcohol. Mugs or glasses, fixins, bottles…and you can bring it out for company.

3-tier cart ideas beverage cart bar cart Tabitha Dumas
3-tier cart ideas coffee tea bar Tabitha Dumas
Living In a Shoebox

Another one of my 3-tier cart ideas came from my friend Karen and goes along with the morning basket idea I talk about here. Put whatever projects you’re working on ON the cart!

3-tier cart ideas to keep you organized

The fifth is for a homework/art station. Maybe your kids want to work at the kitchen table or in their room. Just move the cart!

3-tier cart ideas to keep you organized

The sixth is another idea from a friend which is as a nightstand like this one from Organization Obsessed. You could also put your clock and lamp on top, reading materials in the middle and pampering supplies at the bottom! It would be fun for a guest room, too.

3-tier cart ideas to keep you organized from Tabitha Dumas
From Organization Obsessed

Another pretty one!

3-tier cart bedside table nightstand Tabitha Dumas
Mom Envy

For seven, how great are these for the dorm room??

As number eight, they’re great in the bathroom for your health and beauty supplies. You can even use them as 1. face 2. nails 3. hair like below. Talk about organized!

PolkaDot Chair

For nine, keep one in the kitchen for baking supplies or as an extra pantry storage space. I’ve also seen them used for snacks and school lunch supplies and then the kids can pack their own lunches.

3-tier cart ideas school lunch supplies

Number ten is in the nursery. They’re perfect for diapers, wipes, blankets, toys, etc. Later it would be cute for books or toys.

3-tier cart ideas nursery beautiful eclectic nursery organization
Taylormade Creates
3-tier cart ideas nursery book nook kids room organization
Project Nursery

Eleven is one of my favorites which is for an office on wheels. Or it could be your mom command center! Files, wrapping supplies, stationary…and you can work wherever you want!

Here’s mine. My day planner, files, pens, mail supplies, journals and notebooks, clipboard, Bible and prayer notebook.

11 3-tier cart ideas to keep you organized. Use your cart for a home office! by Tabitha Dumas

And another idea:

3-tier cart ideas portable office home office
Read all about how she uses it! Organizing Junkie
Wouldn’t a cart make such a great gift for a housewarming, wedding or new baby? Or a friend starting to work from home, or a mom whose kids are starting school??

I hope these 3-tier cart ideas help you utilize the one you have or prompt you to buy one! They’re all over for back to school (currently they’re $30 at every store listed below) so snag one in a color you love!

  • Michael’s (in almond, champagne, lemon, lavender, blush, blue, red, turquoise, mint, black, white, gray, rose gold and ~~NEW COLORS~~ Coral and Ink (deep blue) ) Dimensions: 16.81″ x 13.98″ x 29.9″
  • IKEA (in dark blue or white) Dimensions: 13 3/4″ x 17 3/4″ x 30 3/4″
  • The Container Store (white, mint, dark gray, indigo blue) Dimensions: 17″ x 14-1/4″ x 30-5/8″ h
  • Office Depot (coral, pale blue, off white) Dimensions: Height 36 1/2″ Width 17″

What would you add to the list??

3-tier cart ideas to keep you organized from Tabitha Dumas Phoenix Image Consultant
Purchase turquoise cart here.

Do you work from home? 11 3-tier cart ideas to keep you organized. Use your cart for a home office! by Tabitha Dumas

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