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September 12, 2016

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Tabitha Dumas

Are you suffering from decision fatigue and longing for a simple mix and match wardrobe that’s makes it easy to get dressed every day, and pack for a trip on a whim? You need a 27 Hangers Capsule Wardrobe!

27 Hangers Online Academy

Making getting dressed FUN again!

You can purchase 27 Hangers at my affiliate link by CLICKING HERE.

I talk non-stop about having a capsule wardrobe with clients, at Style School and on this blog.

Limiting yourself to less than 30 pieces is surprisingly freeing!

Having a capsule wardrobe–even an imperfect one I’m always tweaking–has been life changing.

Here’s an example a 27 Hangers wardrobe for summer. This wardrobe is gray, white and denim with turquoise and coral accents.  

14 tops
7 bottoms
3 dresses
3 jackets
= 27
+3 shoes
+1 bag
+7 accessories

Imagine this in your closet in your style and colors. Isn’t it peaceful??

27 hangers capsule wardrobe Tabitha Dumas Phoenix Image Consultant

The concept of a capsule wardrobe is that you have mix and match pieces in coordinating colors that you can can truly grab any two pieces and have them go together.

You might also layer a dress over a top or have a wrap that’s reversible for maximum versatility.

I love mine because it “forces me” to stick to a color palette and a style so I don’t have the classic “closet full of clothes and nothing to wear” problem. This is my current color palette as a DEEP Color Code.

Wardrobe Color Palette Deep Color Code Tabitha Dumas Phoenix color Analysis

Then when I’m shopping, I know if a scarf or a pair of shoes will go with what I have at home. And before I purchase any clothing, I ask myself if it will fit into my capsule. If it’s not black, white, turquoise, coral, magenta or royal blue, I don’t buy it. If it is those colors, I know it will work with my other pieces and my shoes and accessories.

Capsule wardrobes also…

  • simplify getting dressed. The prints and solids all work together.
  • force you to determine your wardrobe goals. With 27 pieces, you have to know what your wardrobe needs to accomplish!
  • save time and money. No more buying pieces you won’t wear.
  • allow you to invest in higher-quality pieces. When you’re wearing the same pieces more often, you can afford to purchase high-quality items.
  • keep you limited to a color palette and a style. No more closet full of every style and color.
So many women own too many clothes yet are frustrated every time they try to get dressed because they don’t know what to put together, or because nothing goes together.

A capsule wardrobe eliminates that problem.

I’ve blogged about mine at the links below. I’m changing mine a bit for fall/winter (more “berry colors,” yummy!).

Starting your capsule wardrobe

Summer update to my capsule wardrobe

Creating a travel capsule wardrobe

The 27 Hangers Online Academy is fantastic and the videos are sensational and so easy to follow. And…the worksheets you see being used in the videos?? I helped create them! 🙂

Treat yourself. Do it with friends. Give yourself the gift of a wardrobe you love.

You can purchase 27 Hangers at my affiliate link by CLICKING HERE.

See mine in action on YouTube!

Closet Overhaul

If you live in the Phoenix east valley and would like my help putting your 27 Hangers Capsule Wardrobe together, I offer “The Purposeful Closet”. Read more HERE.


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