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December 16, 2023

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Tabitha Dumas

Happy New Year!

Be sure to check out the 2023 recap post here.

If you’re looking for my end-of-the-year reflection or word of the year worksheets, go here.

The biggest update I can give you is that I’ll be spending a lot less time on social media and in my office and a lot more time sending personal emails + getting together in real life.

Therefore here’s how to stay in the loop for 2024:

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Join the Insiders’ Facebook group and check out the post where everyone adds their word for the year! It’s so inspiring!

Stay tuned for collaborations with my local cohorts. I’d love for you to meet them and for us to all support each other.

Here’s my 2024 word

I’m co-facilitating our annual retreat to the abbey in Oceanside, California in February and the theme is “The Good and Beautiful Life” based on this book (which is an Amazon affiliate link): The Good and Beautiful Life book

Beauty is a huge part of my life and after a few years of feeling a little beaten down and discouraged, focusing more on beauty feels like the right move. In the ups and downs, looking for beauty and creating beauty is how I stay at peace. Plus I hope to help you, my ladies, look for and appreciate your own beauty as well as the beauty around you more.

A few changes

Moving forward, I’ll be emphasizing the faith side of what I do and the inner beauty of my image consulting business. My faith is number one in my life and my walk with the Lord colors everything I do. I want to make that more prominent as well as encourage other ladies on their journey.

I’m limiting my office hours and putting my phone away so I can maintain a better work/life alignment. I’ll be answering messages and emails on Mondays and Thursdays. Doing so will also mean I can be more available to the people in my inner circle.

One fun change is that after blogging since 2007 and having zero ads or sponsored posts or paid partnerships, I will start adding some Amazon affiliate links for items I believe my friends and followers will love. I very much appreciate the support so this little passion project of mine can keep going!

Some goals and focuses going on my vision board:

  • improving my posture and strengthening my back and core
  • regular walks (particularly in nature)
  • continuing to improve my gut health as well as learning healthier baking techniques + eating more whole foods
  • working smarter and maintaining better boundaries around work and play
  • keeping the house more clean and tidy and allowing more margin to keep things on track (I’m open to the idea of hiring help for the house)
  • speaking more positively and doing less venting and complaining
  • returning more to natural health (aromatherapy, natural remedies, fertility awareness, etc.)
  • creating a lending library
  • reading more
  • continuing to support my inner circle of ladies
  • experimenting with various teas (I tend to drink the same few)
  • learning more about color theory
  • more quality time with Drew
  • more quality time with the kids
  • finding more friends for Kate
  • meeting more fellow writers and bloggers and hopefully attending a writer’s retreat
  • more partnerships with my cohorts
  • crafting and creativity (namely card making and handicrafts, plus I want to work on Christmas crafts all year long)
  • having more FUN

And probably the biggest one and the one I’m most excited about…

I’m writing a devotional on style and faith!

Tiffiny Spire, my dear friend and developmental editor, can already see the book wrapped and under Christmas trees in 2024 and I believe it! I hope some of you reading this will even be on the book launch team this year! 

As a final note, in my heart I believe 2024 will have some twists and turns for all of us. It might even seem dark for a moment. But I want to encourage you to keep your eyes on the Lord, remain hopeful, reach out to me if you need encouragement, and look for opportunities to SHINE. The world needs YOUR special light. You’re here, your perfectly imperfect self, in this day and time for a great purpose and I’m excited to see how your story unfolds this year!


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