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December 10, 2023

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Tabitha Dumas

Thank you for popping over to my online hub for my 2023 recap! If you traveled here from Facebook or clicked on an email link, I hope you’ll stay a while and poke around my site. You’re always welcome to our home in Gilbert, Arizona. I also try to keep up with my website so you can feel welcomed and find what you need here, too.


Drew and I celebrated 21 years of marriage in August then both turned 46 at the end of the year. Drew is still doing real estate full time which of course has its ups and downs. Referrals mean the world to us and he plans to help more people buy, sell and flip houses in 2024. If you’re in the Phoenix area and want a creative, out-of-the-box Realtor/broker or someone to show you the ropes of “fix and flips,” Drew’s your guy.

He still serves on the board at the Pregnancy Care Center of Chandler, and they’re always looking for donors and volunteers. We’d be happy to make that connection. Andrew’s “Basha Gives Back” senior project is a diaper drive for the center so stay tuned for details on how to get involved.

Drew and Tabitha Dumas

tabandrew Est. 2002

When it comes to the kids…

As our crew gets older and the world gets…weirder…I’ll be limiting personal details to my email lists:

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Here’s a basic update:

Andrew is now 18, Ethan is 14 and Kate is 6.

It’s hard to believe we have an adult child now! Andrew will graduate from high school in the spring.

Ethan is a freshman at our nearby high school who’s splitting his time between sports, friends and gaming.

Kate is doing kindergarten homeschool with me and is such an eager learner. She’s into art, Bluey, playing outside and spending time with her pups.

Tabitha Dumas family 2024

I love taking pictures every year to see how we grow! Look at these tall children of ours! 

Tabitha Dumas family photo 2024

In September we rescued three-month-old puppy sisters and gave them a forever home! They’re some sort of dachshund/chihuahua mix. They’re an absolute riot and add so much chaos and joy to our lives. I’ll try to update this post as time goes on.

My word for 2023 was CONNECT and, wow, did I live it!

At the start of 2023, I told the Lord, “If you bring me opportunities to connect this year, I’ll take them,” and I tried to stick to that.

Here’s the 2023 rundown.

You can see all of this on my personal Instagram account found here. It’s set to private so I have to approve you for access so please reach out to me, especially if your account name and/or photo isn’t one I will easily recognize.

  • January: I hosted workshops, vision boards, and attended the Superior, AZ home tour
  • February: Drew completed his house flip in Chandler, I helped facilitate a retreat in Oceanside, CA and enjoyed a visit with my aunt and grandmother from Florida
  • March: we tried making pottery with my friend Sara, visited the Danzeisen ice cream store, celebrated 25 years in AZ, and I spoke and did color analysis at a retreat in Holtville, CA
  • April: visited my favorite garden, got to visit with my friend Tiffiny of 20 years and modeled clothes for my friend Peg
  • May: our Ethan turned 14, Andrew attended his junior prom, and we had a wonderful lunch at the re-opening of The Spicery in downtown Glendale, AZ
  • June: I took June off to swim, read, organize and rest!
  • July: My mom, Kate and I took an impromptu trip back to the lavender farm in Concho, AZ and sent the boys back to school
  • August: Kate started kindergarten homeschool with me and Ethan started freshman football
  • September: We acquired two sister pups and visited the Natural History Museum in Mesa, AZ for Kate’s 6th birthday
  • October: I became a member of our church and started serving at the welcome desk and spoke to two women’s groups: one at a retirement community in Scottsdale and also at the widow’s group at our church
  • November: I attended another retreat in Flagstaff, AZ where my dear friend Kristi was the speaker, we celebrated Andrew’s 18th birthday and we hosted a low-key Thanksgiving (plus I turned 46)

In other news, I perfected making a two-hour homemade loaf of bread and started eating a “low FODMAP” diet–both of which resulted in me gaining a few pounds which is a positive thing (again, more details will be in the emails here)!

I also did color analysis on over 65+ people from my home color studio!

If you were one of them please know how blessed I feel to have spent time with you and to have (hopefully) given you a confidence boost.

You may have noticed that after growing my hair out since December 2021, I went back to my favorite chin-length bob style I’ve loved over the years! It’s easy to take care of and feels like “me.”

Tabitha Dumas 2024

Child of God, age 46, wife of 21 years, mama of three.


The door is always open at our house and there’s always tea, coffee and snacks. We also have art supplies, a comfy place to sit, books to read, pups to snuggle and even ping-pong!

My big goal for 2024 is to write a devotional about faith and style. It’s the main thing I feel God calling me to do in this season. I’ll also be focusing more on the faith component in my business now. Beyond that I’m looking forward to returning to some of my creative pursuits, supporting the ladies in my inner circle, and enjoying our family and our home.

Again, I have a lot more to share that I will reserve for my email list here.

Get all of the tools and resources I offer for the end of the year and the new year at this post.

I’d love to host you for vision boards! Visit here.

Thank you for being here! 


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