2020 wrap-up and family photos

November 13, 2020

Written By

Tabitha Dumas

I’m keeping this post as open and honest as possible.

First thing firsts, allow me to state the obvious…2020 was quite the year. Honestly the big surprise for me was just…people. This year really helped me see people in a new light (‘light’ was my 2020 word interestingly). All the “unprecedented” happenings seemed to bring out the worst–and best–in people close to me as well as in my professional circles. It was eye opening and has certainly fueled my plans for the new year!

For our family, 2020 has been fantastic! More family time at home, my husband’s real estate business boomed and we’ve been healthy and incredibly fortunate in every way. We feel so blessed especially knowing how many people suffered losses of many kinds as well as a myriad of challenges and setbacks, besides all the challenges we all faced.

Deep sigh. Don’t we all crave a fresh start in 2021?

In the way of an update…

Life & Family

November is usually our busiest month of the year and this year was no exception although it was dramatically less hectic than last year when I was a bridesmaid in a wedding, we had family in town, I helped plan a big joint birthday party, my mom turned 70 and we hosted Thanksgiving for 30+ people. It was…full.

This year our oldest son turned 15 on Thanksgiving day and our celebration was just the five of us. It was strange but also a welcome reprieve.

Our middle child is 11 now and excelling in 6th grade. Kate is three and an absolute delight.

Our three kiddos!

And I turned 43 on November 29th! There was no fanfare, just a quiet dinner on my folks’ back porch.

My husband (Drew Dumas, Realtor) has been a full time Realtor for four years now (he quit his job in October 2016 and we found out we were pregnant with Kate three months later–God’s timing, huh?) and this year has been phenomenal, in spite of the “pandemic.” To be honest, this time last year we were considering giving it up and were questioning whether God really even called us to it. 2020 has been a year of huge growth and two house flips. For now we’re recovering, taking time to regroup, and intentionally pursuing God’s next steps for us. We do hope to upgrade to a larger home in 2021 but for now we’re making the most of what we have.

Our family of five. December 2020.

Yes, one has outgrown us and the other is getting close!

My Business

As for Signature Color Style, I am at max capacity as a wife, mom and homemaker and have no plans for expanding or adding services in 2021. I also decided to give up my home office/studio to give my son his own room as well as a space to spend time with cousins and friends so I’m no longer offering in-person color analysis in my home. I can bring it to your group or event, though!

I have decided to keep my personal Instagram account going as well as the occasional post on Signature Color Style. On Facebook I’ll be focused on my insiders’ group (join here). I am looking forward to teaming up with people for workshops and vision board parties for the foreseeable future–maybe you! If you need help with something or have questions, email is ideal. tabitha@tabithad.sg-host.com

Wearing my teal Signature Color and my leopard print!

Beyond that…

As I often tell my clients and cohorts, sometimes YOU have to offer the thing you need in your life. That’s me in 2021.

I’m wanting more real talk and real solutions. More sharing of my real life and being a part of yours. More telling stories and finding common ground.

I’m aiming for more connection and less curation. More hands-on help and less platitudes. More boldness and less hiding.

Purposeful Faith | Life | Style

For me, I love to live a vibrant, creative, inspired life…and share it with others! Rather than a complicated sales funnel or paid membership or any sort of program or coaching, I’m just going to share my day to day life, favorite books and businesses, spiritual ponderings, etc. via a specific email list.

I plan to hit on the barriers to purpose I’ve seen over the years and help my ladies overcome them! (there might be a little gentle pressure to GET OUT THERE and be who you were made to be. OK, definitely) I also hope it can all be compiled into a book soon…so it will be like getting a sneak peek!

I love helping women dress so that they are free to live their purpose. This endeavor is more the purpose side of what you DO with that confidence and I hope you’ll join me.

Read more here or go straight to the signup form here.

Local ladies will also have options for field trips and gatherings. I will offer as much as I can virtually, too! Keep an eye on my events page for the info.

My new 2021 venture

SURPRISE! In early 2021 I dove into something a bit impulsively and it’s turned out to be the perfect “real life” extension of everything mentioned above…I moved into a booth at my local vintage/antiques marketplace! Read all about it HERE. I’d love to meet you there sometime!



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