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2015 Pinterest declutter, organize and beautify

Are you ready for a 2015 Pinterest declutter, organize and beautify tutorial that you can use TODAY?

While you’re working on taking your holiday decorations down, planning goals for 2015 and aspiring to pin more this year, why not do a Pinterest declutter while you’re at it??

I’m trying Zoom for screen-sharing so let me know how you like it! (it’s not perfect….progress over perfection, folks! I’m leading by example!)

Grab a pen and paper, pull up your Pinterest account and let’s get started!


Here’s a little check list for you after you watch the video.

___ delete or consolidate little-used boards

___ make a list of boards you want to pin to more frequently (either because they’re popular or because you forget to pin to them otherwise)

___ update your profile

___ arrange the top three rows to have your BEST content

___ move seasonal boards up or down

___ add seasonal boards (organizing, Valentine’s Day, winter, etc.)

___ re-name boards with broad categories to make pinning easier

___ update your cover photos for maximum branding and visual impact

___ add your own graphics

___ make sure business and personal boards are mixed together

___ search for pins if you don’t already have what you’re looking for

___ tell people about your updates and share your boards and pins!

PLEASE…if you have questions or try any of these tips, let me know on the Facebook page.

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2015 Pinterest declutter, organize and beautify video tutorial

Pinterest declutter, organize and beautify video tutorial #marchspringrefresh

Do you want more videos and tutorials? Let me know what I can make for you!

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